Tree Planting and Management

Choosing the right trees for your circumstances

Individual Tree Planting and Aftercare.

One of the most enjoyable and satisfying sites is to see the right tree planted in the right place. So often trees are planted without thought for the future. A tree in the wrong place can not only become an almost constant nuisance and costly

I can help you with:

  • Choosing the right tree
  • Buying good tree stock
  • Planting techniques
  • Encouraging biodiversity
  • Maintaining your newly planted trees

Woodland Design and Management

  • Create woodland to meet your needs
  • Keeping your young woodlands healthy
  • Encouraging diverse ecosystems and wildlife

Forestry Commission Woodland Grant Schemes

  • There are several grants available from the Forestry Commission (FC) to  help manage and create news woodlands, assess and improve neglected ones.  I can advise on grant eligibility and applications.