Planning Matters

As a Local Authority tree officer, I have developed expertise in tree and landscape matters to give sound and up to date advice of the current planning system.

Statutory Tree Protection

I can advice you with any aspect of Tree Preservation Orders –  from making an initial application to appealing a Local Authority decision and give advice on trees in Conservation Areas.

Trees and Construction

When building near trees, Local Authorities insist upon a professional tree survey to BS5837. My tree survey and reports are tailored to meet the needs of your local Planning Department & Tree Officer.  I specialise in smaller, ‘home owner’ applications, guiding applicants through the planning system to get the best result possible for development potential with minimal arboricultural impact.

The advice I offer on trees and the planning system is comprehensive, impartial and direct. I will  let you know the likely-hood of proposals being acceptable to the Local Planning Authority at the onset and then the best route forward.